Iceland – The Cheatsheet

October is always the month when we start deciding where we shall head to the next year because C has to bid for his annual leave then. Last year, we decided to catch the Northern Lights in October as 2016 is supposedly gonna be the peak of the aurora borealis sighting. I started planning our trip in May/June as I heard accommodations are limited in Iceland and their price are usually steep closer to the date. All in all, we spend about S$5k per person including flights and accommodation for 12 days (with one night in London and Paris).

Here’s a cheatsheet I came up with after experiencing 10 days in Iceland

  1. There are no direct flights from Singapore. The most common transit stop is London. We did Paris instead because it’s been far too long since I last went there!
  2. There are quite a few car rental company but we picked Lagoon Car Rental as they are affordable and super helpful. Our four wheel drive cost around S$1.1k for 10 days. 
  3. 10 days is sufficient to cover the ring road. The average cost per night is around S$200 and we stayed mostly in airbnb (private apartments, not shared apartments) with one night in a hotel.
  4. There is no need to get an international driving license to drive in Iceland if you have a Singapore driving license as ours is recognised in Iceland. You can always check with the kind people at Lagoon Car Rental if you don’t have a Singaporean driving license!
  5. Change your money in the airport as there aren’t many moneychanger around Iceland. They are only available in the major cities and you shouldn’t be spending much time in the city when you are in Iceland!
  6. An average price of a meal in Iceland is around S$50, not including drinks or starter. 
  7. Ice water is free in restaurants, and tipping is not required in Iceland.
  8. Tap water is safe for drinking. Always turn the tap to cold water as the hot water as sulphur in it. Unless you like drinking water that smells of rotten egg…
  9. Download My Aurora Forecast app to get the up-to-date news. It’s free and it will alert you when your chance is high! Sightings are more common in the north so be sure to stay up when you are traveling in the north of Iceland. It gets cloudy in the south. 
  10. Most of the attractions in Iceland is free. The Blue Lagoon, glacier hiking and whale watching comes with a price tag. Be sure to book your tickets to The Blue Lagoon early… they run out a few days before the actual date!

More details in the next post… I leave you with some pictures for now 🙂

Black Sand Beach, Jokulsarlon.
Geysir Hot Springs
The Northern Lights!