Hong Kong in 48 hours

It was one of those weekends that Charles would be in Hong Kong for work and I was able to step away from work 🙂

0 – 24 hours

First order of business – Ichiran Ramen. Not as awesome as the ones we had in Japan but hey who’s complaining? I felt that the texture of the noodles, the broth and the cha siew was not on par with the ramen served in Tokyo but it was a close match given all that none of the ramen in Singapore comes close. We went around 9am to the branch at Causeway Bay and there was no queue at all.


Our next meal at the one Michelin starred restaurant, Kam’s Goose. We have not tried the branch in Singapore so I can’t give my verdict on that. We ordered 1/4 goose leg (so good!), a roast pork rice (yummy!), some signature noodles (skip this please!) and the bill came up to about S$60. Despite hoping to beat the crowd when we went at 3:30pm, we still had to queue for 40 minutes! Worth the wait, especially if you are a goose lover. Best to go there in a group so you won’t end up feeling like a sinner who ate too much goose fats like we did! I am not a goose eater so when I saw the amount of fats on the goose I almost choked, but it was really good. We also noticed quite a number of tables ordering the soup so that’s next up on our list in future.




After our hearty lunch, we went up to Nam Long Shan for a walk to burn those calories. We meant to go to Dragon’s Back but the weather forecast was rainy so we decided to go for a “shorter hike”. We took a taxi all the way up to the stairs that led us up to the top. After what seems like 300 steps, we were rewarded with the bird eyes’ view of Aberdeen. As Ocean Park was right next door, we could hear the screaming from the heart-throbbing rides. 


We walked our way down and took a bus to Central for my much anticipated Kau Kee Beef Noodles. Charles didn’t quite fancy the beef noodles here but I absolutely love it! I love their version of curry beef noodles. I love the texture of the beef noodles – just chewy enough for me! And I love how I don’t have to spend more than 10 bucks to get a bowl full of generous beef (tendon) serving. If there is one place I make a point to go on every visit to HK, this is the place! Just take my advise to close a blind eye to the attitude of the owner and servers here.


The night ended with drinks with a close friend at the rooftop bar of Park Lane Hotel where the crew stayed. This place opened in Sep 2016 – good music, great view and nice crowd. This was a view taken during the day. We had really bad weather this trip as you can see from below picture.


24 – 48 hours

The first 12 hours was spent catching up on sleep as Charles recover from jet lag and I… had a long week at work! As it was raining, we went to a nearby wanton noodles stall recommended by one of Charles’s colleague and had a simple lunch.


We checked out Times Square and La Foret (like Far East Plaza type of shopping),  before returning back to Sogo to get the famous wife biscuits for our relatives. I seriously don’t get the hype about the wife biscuits but did it anyways. We also dropped by the 24 hours supermarket a stone throw from our hotel to buy some wine. Wine in Hong Kong is quite cheap so please maximise your wine limit if can!

Soon it was dinner time and we walked to Fu Xing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant for “the best roast meat in Hong Kong”. We meant to go there for dim sum but since we couldn’t wake up early / made reservations, and my stomach was growling by the time we got up, we gave this place a miss in the afternoon. We were a little skeptical at first but when the char siew came, it was so good. It reminded me of the roast meat we ate at a restaurant in Singapore called Char, but probably better. Their beef cooked with garlic was also top notch. 



Dinner was came up to $90 for the two of us and we thought that was pretty expensive. To be fair, Fu Xing is meant to be a dim sum place and not dinner place so it was our bad choosing it for dinner.

We called it an early night as we had an early flight to catch on the next day. Our tummies definitely suffered the most over the weekend and it was back to work on Monday!


P.S. If you are there longer than a weekend, you can check out these places too!


8 things to do in Hong Kong

To me, Hong Kong looks like Singapore with dingy buildings. I hate having dirty air-con water dripping on me and I really don’t like going to the stairway when I need to use the toilet. When I found out that C will be away for 10 days after we take our vows in Bali, I decided to bite the bullet and book my tickets to visit a good friend who moved over last year.

Well, it turned out better than I expected. I stayed at Hong Kong Island during the trip. The whole island is literally built on a hill and my legs ached every single day I was there. I love knowing random fact, and this trip I found out that the richest man in Hong Kong, Li Ka-Shing still goes to work at the top level of Cheung Kong Center. Always feels humbling when I hear things like that.

Alright. Enough about me, let’s get to the point. 8 things I recommend you do in Hong Kong!

 1. Dinner at Mercato

If you liked dining at Jean-Georges Vongerichten in NYC, you will be pleased to know that he opened a casual Italian restaurant in LKF. This eatery doesn’t quite give you three michelin star quality like the one in NYC, but the truffle pizza is pretty good and the ambience is lovely!

Mercato hit all the right notes with me – nice crowd, great wine and I could watch the bartender make drinks at the bar on one end and the kitchen staff whip up their nasty dishes in the open kitchen on the other end. Expect to spend around HKD500 per pax for dinner and a bottle of wine.

2. Take the train to Guangzhou for some cheap shopping trip 

The Huimei International Clothing Mall is definitely worth that 2 hours train ride across the border. Do bring your passport and change some RMB for you as shop till you drop there. Imagine an upscale version of Platinum Mall in Bangkok. The style is Korean and the quality of the clothing is much better than those in Platinum Mall. Prices range between RMB60 for a top and can go up to RMB500 for a dress. Got this dress below for RMB100!


The train leaves from Hung Hom MTR in Kowloon and costs HKD210 per way. Alight at Guangzhou East station and get a taxi to the mall. The taxi should cost around RMB32 and takes between 10 to 15 minutes. You can check for the schedule here Try your luck bargaining, it worked for me in two stalls 🙂

3. Enjoy the view at The Peak 

Take a tram ride up to The Peak, located 552m above sea level. We did it at 11am to avoid the long queue that forms at the later part of the day. Bring along your Octopus Card and top it up as this allows you to cut the tram queue. The tram ride cost around HKD34 with the Octopus card.  As we went up on an empty stomach, we headed straight to Mak’s Noodles at The Peak Galleria for brunch.


Mak’s Noodle is said to be the best wanton noodles in Hong Kong and one of the cheapest Michelin-starred eatery around. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the meal but I was told that it was definitely better than the outlet in Singapore. I like my food with a distinct taste but I didn’t really get it with Mak’s Noodles. The meat and vegetable dumpling was not bad though. After eating, proceed to the top level of The Peak Galleria for the pretty view from the highest mountain in Hong Kong.

img_1546If you choose to go to The Peak Tower, do note that there is an entrance fee to the viewing deck.

4. Take the ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

The ride itself is around 10 minutes and it is cheaper than taking the MTR. We took this to get us across from Central to TST. Many locals use this as a mode of transport on a daily basis to get the work.


Something about being on a boat always makes me relax and happy. I enjoyed the beautiful outline of the skyscrapers, but we quickly got to the Star Ferry Pier at TST.

5. Try Hong Kong’s best beef noodles – Kau Kee Beef Noodles

Be prepared to join the long queue outside the entrance and share a small table with other customers. If I were you, I will be quick in ordering and when taking money out to pay the bill. The horror stories of getting shouted at are real.


When we got there on a Saturday evening at 7pm, there was about 30 people in queue. After waiting for 45 minutes, we finally got to eat the Beef Brisket With E-Fu Noodle In Broth (HK$43) and the curry sauce at the side. Wise words from my good friend – “don’t use your Singaporean tastebuds to eat these noodles.” Similar to Mak’s Noodles, the taste of the soup is light,  but I really like the texture of the noodles and the generous serving of beef!

6. Make merry at Sevva

Sevva boost an amazing view from one of the most prestigious office and shopping mall in Hong Kong! There was nothing much I could ask for – great company,open terrace roof-top bar, a fantastic view of Hong Kong’s night lights, the natural breeze and knowing that my favourite beer is on tap. Big love. (They serve Kronenburg Blanc, just in case you are wondering.)


7. Act like a local and spend Sunday afternoon having Dim Sum 

The locals spend their family time on Sundays eating Dim Sum, leisurely. We made a booking at Jasmine’s Palace located at The Landmark. It was quality dim sum, in a nice setting and with a friendly price tag. We had this on my last day in Hong Kong and boy was I thankful that we were able to make a booking for a table, eat leisurely and without fear of bad service.


8. Linger around Wan Chai

It’s worth exploring the streets of Wan Chai to check out the bohemian vintage shops and handcrafted coffee houses. First stop, we headed to Elephant Grounds for our caffeine fix, and it was crowded on a Sunday afternoon. It took them 20 minutes so serve our coffee so beware in you are the impatient sort!
We much preferred hiding in a corner and enjoying your drinks away from the hustle and bustle. So we headed to Ted’s Lookout, a regular hangout place for Wan Chai residents. Ted’s Lookout boost a vintage industrial feel and you will immediately feel at ease as you walk into this laid back hide-out.

That’s about it for Hong Kong. Till I am back from Europe for some Iceland roadtrippin’!