Christchurch – 4 day itinerary

Charles got scheduled to fly back on a Monday morning and since I could afford to take two days off work the week before, we booked my ticket on Wednesday and flew off on Thursday! We took the 7:50pm flight from SG and arrive around 10am in Christchurch. 

Day 1

First order of business, we got our SIM card from Spark NZ at the airport. There’s Vodafone as well but we wanted a data only plan and it made more sense to get it from Spark NZ since it was cheaper. We called Omega Car Rentals to pick us up from the airport and set off to Countdown (Supermarket) to stock up on water. We hit the road down to Farlie where we checked in to our first airbnb. If you read my other posts, you would realise by now then we are some die-hard airbnb fans. 



We knocked out for two hours nap before heading out in the evening to Lake Tekapo. We went around the famous Church of the Good Shepherd but it was way too crowded for our liking. Sneaked in a picture with no tourist and left it for dinner!

IMG_4544 copy.jpg

 We had dinner at Reflections Cafe which offered an excellent view of Lake Tekapo. There’s a stretch of restaurants along the area if Reflection Cafe is not your kinda thing, so don’t worry about not having options. My pasta was so-so and Charles’s steak was not too bad.



After eating, we walked towards Lake Tekapo, and sat there and watched the sun went down. (This is on the other side of the lake from Church of the Good Shepherd and there were hardly any one around the spot.)



Airport to Lake Tekapo area - 2h 44mins

Day 2

We had breakfast the next morning at Farlie Bakehouse, well-known for their pies. We did a take-away of their famous beef pie and continued our road trip to Lake Wanaka. The road to Lake Wakana took us through Lindis Pass, which was easily one of the most gorgeous drive during our trip.

IMG_4569 copy.jpg


We arrived at our airbnb around 1pm and got greeted by the biggest, cutest dogs ever. We settled in and made our way to Patagonia Chocolate to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. After a proper cone of chocolate ice-cream, we drove on to Rippon Winery for some wine tasting. We were impressed by the view that greeted us!




We wanted to have dinner at Wanaka Gourmet Kitchen  but was told that it was fully booked by the time we got there. The place looks legit and I made a mental note to be back someday. We ended up at Relishes Cafe for dinner before catching the sunset at Lake Wanaka.


Lake Tekapo to Lake Wanaka - 2h 19mins

Day 3

We got up early as we had a long drive ahead of us, essentially covering Mt Cook on the way back to Christchurch from Lake Wanaka. We had breakfast at 8:30am and was greeted by this view. We could see quite a number of people parasailing from our seats and it was an entertaining breakfast – we met another couple and they were sharing how they got a culture shock when they were in Malaysia.


We stopped by High Country Salmon on our way to Mt Cook for lunch as recommended by our airbnb host. The salmon was surprisingly fresh… somehow didn’t associate New Zealand with fresh salmon so that was a pleasant surprise!



After a quick bite, we drove on to Peter’s Lookout and was blown away by the beauty of Mt Cook from afar. We continued our way to Mt Cook Village to catch more of the majestic beauty.



Lake Tekapo to Mt Cook - 1h 30mins
Mt Cook to Christchurch - 3h 54mins

DAY 4 

12:30 – Arrive at airport 😦  It was time for Charles to fly back to SG and we bid Christchurch goodbye! The ride back was extremely bumpy towards the second half of the flight and I were cursing the weather until I saw this just before landing… took my breath away! The most gorgeous sunset at eye level.


Very thankful for the beautiful weather while we were there. The forecast for the next few days after we left was rainy and we were glad to be back home.




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