Miami – Proposal at Miami Flight Seeing

So this is how the story goes…

Prior to leaving Singapore, Charles wrote to the kind folks at Miami Flight Seeing to orchestrate his surprise proposal after the flight tour. I got to admit he did plan it pretty well. Charles liaised with Angelo (from Miami Flight Seeing) who was very responsive and helpful. So guys, if you are planning something similar, look for Angelo!

It was our first free day in US after taking 30 hours to get to Florida from Singapore. Ugh if only there’s a direct flight from Singapore!!! We were supposed to head to Miami beach to catch the sunset but Charles drove us to ATA Flight School instead. It raised my suspicion a little, but I didn’t think much as it was his 30th birthday and he is entitled to do pretty much whatever he wanted.  We arrived around 5pm, and UP we went for the sunset tour!


The flight itself was great. We took the C172 and was given a tour of the Miami coastline, Key biscayne, Biscayne Lighthouse, downtown Miami, the Venetian Islands and caught sight of some celebrities’ houses. The whole tour took around 45 minutes although it felt like only 15 – guess time really flies when you are enjoying yourself!

IMG_0341 copy.jpg
IMG_0571 copy.jpg

IMG_1606 copy.jpg

By the time we start descending, the sun was setting. Charles requested for Angelo to hold up a banner which read “Doranne, Will you marry me?” when we landed. That was when I knew he was proposing!!! We got out of the C172 and he went down on one knees with the Damiani Bocciolo. Needless to say, I said yes! The generous owner came up with a small bottle of champagne to celebrate our engagement and had a short chat with us. I was in a bit of a daze after the whole thing and Charles didn’t get anyone to take a picture or video of the whole thing, so these two lousy pictures are all that we got! 

IMG_5969 copy.jpg

IMG_0573 copy.jpg

Here’s one from our first day as an engaged couple, as we made our way down to Key West. And another one of the Damiani Bocciolo, taken professionally by a photographer.



Address: 1610 SW 75th Ave, North Perry Airport, Miami, FL 33023-2586
Phone: +1 305-767-1903

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