Paris – Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

When Charles proposed in Miami last year, we decided that we will drop by Paris on the way to Iceland to get our pre-wedding photoshoot. So instead of going for a transit in London, we took a flight to Paris and stayed at George V for a night. We arrived in the early morning and made our way to George V… look at the view that greeted us when we got to our room. Gorgeous!!!


I always thought (and still think) Paris is the most romantic city in the world and can’t think of a better place to do this. We engaged Fran Boloni from The Paris Photographer to capture our once-in-a-lifetime moment. We don’t really believe in flying our photographer from Singapore so we found someone who is located in Paris. Just keeping it simple 🙂


Got my make-up done within the apt by Allison from Melina Modern Beauties. She does mostly fashion make-up (her clients include Nicky Hilton) but she does bridal shoots as well. I was quite impressed by the speed she got my hair up into such a hairdo. In the meantime, Charles explored the surroundings and came back up with my favourite Pierre Herme macarons! Such a darling. Around 4:30pm, we called an Uber and were off to our first location!

Alexander Pont III

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 11.jpg

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 14.jpg

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 15.jpg

We felt immediately at ease with Fran and really appreciated his good humour. It was interesting to learn that he came from Romania and that he is an engineer by training. We did this in October and at 5pm, the sun was still quite glaring. After an hour, we called another Uber and moved onto our next stop! While at Bir Hakeim, we had a drink at one of the cafe nearby and I had a change of attire in the washroom there.

Bir Hakeim

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 24.jpg

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 35.jpg

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 45.jpg

It was getting quite chilly by this time but we still have one last venue – The Lourve. This location happened because the hubby promised to be photographed at Trocadéro but couldn’t live up to it due to work schedule. To make things up, I decided to have a night session at the Lourve to replace my dramatic running down the stairs with him. Well, it turns out pretty good after all.

The Lourve

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 52.jpg

Dorianne & Charles Paris - 50.jpg


Absolutely in love with the end results from this session!


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