Lake Como – Day trip from Milan

I really love Italy – I love the food, I love how it is so romantic and I love the outlet shopping! I have been to Italy twice, but never in winter. So this time when Charles asked me to join him on his work trip to Italy, I thought about all the good food and being in Florence with him… guess it’s a yes 🙂

We flew into Milan on an early Sunday morning and went to Lake Como on the first day. I did some research on going to Lake Como in December and was a bit hesitant at first as the visibility didn’t look great. But frankly there wasn’t much to do in Milan (we both been there before) and it was a quick and cheap getaway from the city, so why not? Besides, if it’s good enough for celebrities like George Clooney and David Beckham, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Side note: We didn’t drive this trip but it is possible to transport your car between Varenna and Bellagio via the ferry.

From Milan Centrale Station, take a direct train to Varenna-Esino. 
Journey - 1 hour 3 mins (one way)
Cost - 6.70 euros (one way)
You can check the timings and/or book your tickets here

Varenna is so quintessentially Italian! It looks like the replica of those cute little towns in Cinque Terre and those along the Amalfi Coast. Needless to say, it is beautiful (although it looks a bit sleepy in winter with the lack of the summer activities).




From Varenna, take a ferry to Bellagio. 
Journey - 15 minutes (one way)
Cost - 6 euros (one way)
You can check the timings here

Often called the “Pearl of the Lake”, Bellagio has plenty of picturesque cobbled stairways lined along cosy little shops. Everything about this place was so quaint and we like how it wasn’t too crowded when we were there.




We got hungry and settled at one of the restaurants for a quick meal before catching the ferry back to Varenna to get our train to Milan.

Yay or nay? If the weather isn’t sunny or at least cloudy in winter, we say don’t bother. Here’s why:


Bad bad bad visibility! We chose to go when the weather forecast is cloudy but we did enjoy ourselves though.

Will update on Florence and Milan soon.



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